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Get More from Less in 2015

Posted on Jan 02, 2015.

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Many organisations recruit to fulfil a perceived demand for service, but generally use a 'gut-feel' to sense if they have made the right decisions. The very best organisations make conscious decisions based upon MI or Business Intelligence. The leaders of the very best organisations measure everything to ensure a great customer experience. IMPORTANTLY – these companies are more profitable because they do not overstaff, never under-serve their customers and price contracts accurately.

Which type of organisation are you?  How many of the following questions can your business answer:

1) How many inbound calls does your business receive per day? 

*Bonus Point - What is the average duration?

2) How many customer service requests do you average per week?

*Bonus Point - Which member of your team handles the most requests?

3) Which customers demand the most from you?

*Bonus Point - How much time?

At The One Point we carefully monitor everything to ensure we maintain the very best service levels.  We can also plan for ‘slack in the system’ to set aside for training and staff development.

There are some very simple ways to monitor – or‘take the pulse’ (as we like to call it) – your business MI.  

These steps are basic but will just get things moving for you:

Step 1:

Ask you Receptionist or Call Handlers to measure inbound call traffic – better still use software to do this for you.

Step 2:

Build a database of your customer and log every call and interaction. We can give you a Free 30 Day Trial on our ONE CRM for the purposes of the exercise.

Step 3:

Ask your team – get their feedback

Alternatively you can speak to a member of our team and they will happily set this up for you.


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