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Get Serious About Data Back Up - Locky Virus Threatening Yorkshire Businesses Now

Posted on Mar 24, 2016.

Local businesses could be at risk from the Locky Virus. This threat is in the form of malware often called ransomware. So called as it encrypts files essentially locking their owners from accessing their own data and then demands money to unlock them again. It is a threat that is once again causing chaos for businesses in the Yorkshire area.

Ransomware alert

This disruption would be minimised for businesses with a robust Data Back Up solution in place. A secure and automated solution that gives peace of mind that vital data is safe with the added benefit that it can be available from anywhere at anytime..

The Locky virus gets onto machines most frequently via a spam email with an attached document. Telltale signs are that the document looks like nonsense and so the email advises readers to enable macros "if the data encoding is incorrect” allowing them to read it. During this process malware is downloaded locking the user's files unless they pay the ransom.

A concern by internet Intel's McAfee labs security experts is that attackers will soon be able to analyse the encrypted data and discern how much it is worth to help them work out how much the infected user would be willing to pay for it. If users continue to pay to unlock their files the criminal developers of the software are essentially funded to further refine the malware to carry out these kinds of sophisticated attacks.

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