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Google's Trust API may replace smartphone passwords

Posted on Jun 28, 2016.

The traditional character based password has served us well for a long time as a way of keeping our personal details away from prying eyes. Recently high-profile hacks have shown us that these passwords may no longer be as safe as we think.

There are many problems with the existing widespread acceptance of the character based password. Many users struggle to remember numerous passwords across many websites while other users may have just a single password thus exposing themselves further to the possibility of being hacked.

Google Trust API Password Dead

A recent announcement from Google is the Trust API, a new login method for the smartphone. This Google says is a massive step forward for online security. A way of replacing passwords with a ‘trust-based’ system monitoring how a device owner typically uses their device.

This method which has been in use for some time in sectors that handle sensitive data works by checking for personal indicators like keyboard typing patterns, how the device is held, the location and several more. These all work together to establish that the user accessing the device is genuine.

Google hail this as a fantastic move towards ensuring we do not become a victim to hacks, however, one question this does raise is preventing blocked access to your own device in time of an emergency.

In times of great stress it is likely that the behavioral habits of the user could change leading the user unable to access their device in the one moment they desperately need to get in and this will be one of Google's toughest obstacles in finding a way for smartphone users to adopt this technology.

For the moment Google's Trust API is only designed for use on a smartphone but could have wider uses in business at the server and application level of IT departments. Implemented to control access to the most sensitive of applications with the highest level of user access.

Behaviour monitoring technology will ensure greater security so the Trust API with the backing of the Tech Giant Google’s influence and involvement may mean this will be the new normal in the near future.

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