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Happy 20th Birthday Google

Posted on Sep 27, 2018.

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Today marks the 20th Birthday of Google. The tech giant, and now worldwide household name, that first started as the ambitious project of two P.H.D students looking to organise the world's catalog of websites into a searchable format.

In celebration of its 20 year birthday, Google has updated its core product with a set of new features to bring its search service more in line with the modern web.

With the rise of the smartphone and internet browsing, Google naturally opted to present the new features on mobile to its audience at the San Francisco event. It was in this presentation that Google announced features that shared a common throughline of AI technology.

Among these features are the new activity card appearing above search results in an expandable strip that details related and past searches to a particular topic.

Collections will allow you to save searches around a particular topic. Formally the Google feed and now Google Discover gives users a more granular control so they can see understand why they see what they are seeing.

Video fans will also see featured videos that show clips from the most relevant point.

Take a look at a preview of these features.

Further celebrations by Google can be seen in a slew of interactive features that offer users a lot to play around with.

Firstly is the Google 20th birthday Doodle, an interactive element on the Google homepage known for celebrating notable people and historical event this time celebrates its own milestone. To compliment this is a Google blog post chronicling the highlights of Google doodle.

In addition, an interactive tool is now available to give some insights into the search trends of the past two years together with a timeline that shows how Google search reshaped the digital world and became a household name.

Furthermore, Google has created a timeline video highlighting some of the most popular search terms for the past two decades.


You can also see where it all started for Google! Exploring the Garage which was the birthplace of the Tech Giant. Can you spot the hidden easter eggs? Take a look at this handy guide if you need some help.

An interesting fact to take away too is that technically Google was incorporated on the 4th September, however, Google has traditionally celebrated its own Birthday on 27th September.

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