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Helpdesk apprentice Lewis Cook is winner of our December 2016 Delighting Customers League

Posted on Jan 10, 2017.

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Congratulation to Lewis Cook for winning our December 2016 Delighting Customers League.

Each month our help desk team strives to gain positive feedback from our customers through prompt and helpful support, the member of our team with the most positive responses is the Winner of our monthly ‘Delighting Customers Leauge’. This is measured through responses sent through our feedback system, a system that helps us to continue to provide a top class service to our customers based on their experiences with our support team.

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Customers happy with the service provided by Lewis took the time to leave comments like the following:

“Lewis was extremely helpful and polite. fantastic customer service.”

“Lewis is a credit to everybody.”

“Thanks for your fast response.”

While Lewis was our most recent winner, Drew Skinner came a very close second. Well done too to Drew.

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