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Here are four features we hope to see for the new iPhone XS reveal

Posted on Sep 03, 2018.

At The One Point, we are looking forward to the reveal of the latest range of iPhones.  iPhone fans would especially like to see some features that are currently included in competing handsets that would make the iPhone more convenient to use and an all round nicer experience.

Here are 4 features we hope to see in Septembers reveal of the iPhone XS.

OLED always on display

An OLED panel would save a lot of tapping on the iPhone XS just to see your latest notifications and the time. This feature that is becoming very common on new and flagship Android phones and could easily be introduced to the next iPhone after Apple made the switch to OLED with last years iPhone.

Dual Sim Support

Code has been found on beta versions of iOS that suggest this could be the year iPhone users can take advantage of dual sim support.

This is great news for iPhone users that love to travel as it makes the whole experience of traveling with your phone more convenient and affordable.

Hardware to launch the camera

It can be frustrating to lose a great photography moment on the iPhone because too much time was spent swiping and taping to launch the camera.

Instead like other devices, it would be a nicer experience to be able to use the volume buttons or power buttons to launch.

120Hz ProMotion display

A first look at120Hz ProMotion display on rival devices is a similar experience to looking at the retina screen back when the iPhone 4 was launched. The whole experience of browsing web pages and scrolling through apps on an updated panel would be more fluid and animations and effects would stand out better.

This new panel could even leave to option for support for the Apple pencil.


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