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His Name is Bird. Airlie Bird.

Posted on Aug 13, 2012.

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An integral part of Hull FC’s ’10K Challenge’ 2013 season pass holders marketing campaign, The One Point have produced an all-action viral featuring Hull FC’s mascot, Airlie Bird, playing the role of a sunglasses-clad James Bond collecting a mysterious ‘package’ — i.e. a suitcase containing £10,000 — from Adam Pearson.

The viral finds our feathered friend begin his story relaxing at a cocktail bar, receiving a phone call, flying a helicopter, driving a

speedboat, rendevousing with ‘The Boss’ (Adam Pearson), speedboating down to Hull Marina, meeting his glamorous ‘Bond girl’ girlfriend, karate chopping with Hull KR ninjas, and finally driving a royal-blue E-type Jaguar to the KC with the glamorous Bond Girl and jet-black suitcase in tow.

Hull FC’s ’10K Challenge’ is premised on giving away £10,000 in competition cash providing they sell 10,000 season pass holder tickets before the first game of the 2013 season.

Production involved co-operation of Humber Rescue, KC Stadium and various Hull FC players. The viral was premiered, plus the suitcases’ £10,000 content were revealed, at the recent Hull FC v Catalans Dragons game.

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