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The Ways That Technology Could Change Halloween By 2025

Posted on Oct 30, 2015.

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The annual spooky celebration might start to look a little different over the next 10 years. Technologies like  virtual Reality and 3D printing could soon be seen as common household appliances. Meanwhile as services become more connected mobile and tablet devices are expected to have an ever increasing integration with our everyday lives. 

What the Halloween of the future may have in store:

Virtual reality haunted house tours - A chance to get creative and provide a spooky unforgettable experience right in your own home.

Kids printing costumes and props using 3D printers - Say goodbye to those last minute dashes to buy costumes.

Homes registering as ready for trick or treaters - Use a mobile app to locate open houses, local haunted houses and plan for a safe and fun route.

Digital Chaperone - Stay safe even when watching from afar and get alerts when there has been too many sweets. 

Integrated security systems alerting families to security alerts - Homes could connect to a security network placed on high alert for halloween.

Wireless traffic networks - Introduction of dynamic networks that can divert traffic and keeping pedestrian areas safe.

The infographic below produced by USA ISP Windstream shows even more.

Future of Halloween

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