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If you can't stand the HEAT - call it a DRAW

Posted on Apr 16, 2010.

It was a night of fun, laughter, entertainment and charity but after a heated contest in the kitchen between two of Hull's leading communications companies, a draw was announced between The One Point, and Kingston Communications.

The spectacular event raised over £2000 for KCFM's Smile Foundation where two teams of 8 employees from each company, battled it out at the Holiday Inn's Restaurant to be crowned champions of Devil's Kitchen.

After scores were tallied up and counted 3 times, a draw was called after The One Point scored an average of 28.21 and Kingston Communications scored 28.19. A re-match will now take place later this year giving everyone involved another opportunity to raise more money for the foundation.

TOP's Managing Director, Martin Lauer said: "It was a fantastic night and great fun for the whole team involved. We did a great job and our clients really enjoyed the night. A large amount of money was raised for charity and we now have the opportunity to do it again."

The rematch is expected to take place later this year in a bid to settle the contest and raise more money for the Smile Foundation.

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