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Multiple Instagram Accounts May Soon be Supported on Android Phones

Posted on Nov 30, 2015.

A feature allowing for multiple Instagram accounts is currently available to users of the Instagram beta testing program on Android devices. These users can add multiple accounts from the Instagram app main settings menu and then continue to browser and post to different feeds from within the app. Instagram have not yet made a clear announcement of any plans to extend this feature to all Instagram users. 

instagram to support multiple accounts

iPhone users who may be wondering if this feature will make it into the mainstream app should know that both Instagram and Facebook have a trend for trying out their new features on Android users first before making features broadly available.

The lack of support for this feature, which is critical for those who manage multiple accounts, has been the cause of many turning to third-party clients. In a time when Instagram is experiencing a huge growth in popularity, it is not surprising that Instagram is experimenting with this feature.

In addition, Instagram have revamped their developer policy making changes that will restrict almost all third party viewing apps from their API from June 2016. A move that suggests more news from Instagram regarding multiple account support could soon be on its way.

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