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iOS 10 feature to warn of unsecured WiFi networks

Posted on Jul 27, 2016.

A new feature discovered on iOS 10 is the ability to detect insecure WiFi networks when connecting to public WiFi. When trying to access such a network a pop-up will appear above the WiFi settings page displaying a warning that reads “Open networks provide no security and expose all network traffic”. 

WiFi Warning

WiFi networks are notoriously insecure leaving users vulnerable to an interception of their data including passwords, credit card information and personal identification data and this is a handy way to be alerted that the network you want to access is insecure. It’s good too to see Apple taking an interest in educating their customers when they are doing something unsafe, even if it is not ideal that the warning comes after the connection has happened. This feature is one of a number of security tweaks that will be offered by the update.

Taking this one step further the feature recommends that  the router used to gain access is configured to use WPA2 personal (AES) security for this particular network in case it has stumbled on a situation where it is accusing what seem to the device is a public WiFi is supposed to be your private WiFi.

Auto WiFi login

Another new feature that is also related to WiFi connection is that when you are required to go through a login page to access a public network ( something often found in Airports, shopping centres and coffee shops)  iOS 10 now allows Auto-Join and Auto-Login toggles. When this feature is turned on iOS will connect automatically to a known WiFi without bothering you with the extra steps required to confirm.

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