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iOS 9 introduces Split Screen Multitasking to the iPad

Posted on Sep 21, 2015.

A standout feature of the new iOS 9 is the ability to split the Screen in the new multitasking feature taking productivity on the iPad to the next level.

This feature works by allowing iPad users to multitask in three forms:

Slide over - a feature that allows you to run an app without the need to exit the app currently in use.  Use this to quickly switch between favourite compatible apps, spend less time hunting for apps and more time getting tasks done.

Split view - allows the user to run multiple apps side by side by sharing the screen space at the same time. This handy feature is great for making comparisons and references and as an added bonus will remember the size set for your windows for your next use.


Picture in picture - is a feature that lets user overlay a small video window so you can keep watching as they use their device.

One of the first apps to adopt this new picture in picture functionality in the BBC iPlayer so iPad users will now be able to watch the BBC news while scanning headlines in apps like clipboard or catch up with the latest episode of bake off in the background as they search for recipes.

What's also great about multitasking is that you do not need the late equipment to run these useful new features, it is compatible with iPad Air and iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 2 and 3. it can even run on older versions of the iPad but in limited way. 

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