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Next iOS update to stop Facebook tracking data

Posted on Jun 05, 2018.

During Apple's 2018 worldwide developers conference (WWDC) it was announced that Apple are going to stop Facebook and other similar sites from tracking users. Software boss Craig Federighi spoke at the conference and expressed how Apple were going to place tighter controls on social media’s ability to access data. Currently Facebook is able to track users through the use of like and share buttons in addition to the comment feed, however Apple's new features in its web browser safari will block this and users will now see an alert asking users to decide whether they want to share their data or not. Although Facebook were not actually cited by name they were used as an example during the on-stage demonstration of the new tools.

The tracking protection will also make it harder for businesses to identify your device and track you, this is done by making all devices online look identical making it harder for companies to locate your device. This will limit information such as system configuration, plug-ins, fonts and other personal data being found and viewed by third parties.

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