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iPhone 7 rumours: What we have heard so far.

Posted on Jul 18, 2016.

Name & Model

Although the name iPhone 7 seems to be a given, it is in fact rumoured to change. The rumours suggest Apple may drop its current numbering scheme, and instead call the new device the “iPhone Pro”. It has to be said these rumours are not all very compelling and not thought be likely either.

iPhone 7 rumours

We do know that the 2016 iPhone will be a new major device since Apple use "S" to mark an update to a current generation iPhone, which often include new hardware but retain the same design. Each new major iPhone has been released in a year which is even, making it almost certain this years’ will be a new design along with new features. 

We expect the Plus model to remain in the future too. This will mean Apple are sticking to the 4.7” and the 5.5” screen sizes, which were first introduced with the iPhone 6. 


In terms of design, it has been speculated that the new device will retain the same basic shape and look of the iPhone 6 with some minor adjustments. We have heard that the camera lens will now sit flush with the body of the device, however, we have heard rumours suggesting the contrary. Another rumoured change on the back of the device is the two antenna strips which run across the back casing will be removed, with the top antenna bands remaining in place. As far as the front goes,

One of the bigger rumours surrounding the new design is the removal of the headphone jack in the new model, in a bid to make the device thinner, alongside a thinner lightning port. There have been other rumours which say the device will be of the same thickness as the current device. 

Without the headphone, jack users would either have to use Bluetooth headphones or connect them via the lightning port. Apple is rumoured to be working on Bluetooth earphones to ship with the device. Another potential benefit of the removal of the headphone jack would be the fact it would make the device more water resistant.

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iPhone 7 rumours


When it comes to the internals, not much is known. We can, however, speculate that Apple will carry on with its trend of introducing more powerful and efficient devices with each new design iteration.  The two new devices are speculated to feature the next-gen A10 processor which is made by TSMC. Entry level storage for the new device is expected to start at 32GB, a long awaited change. 

There have been rumours suggesting some rather distinguishing features between the iPhone 7 and the Plus variant. The 7 might well ship with 2GB of RAM, whilst its larger brother, on the other hand, could boast 3GB of RAM. Another interesting rumour is that the 5.5” device will feature a dual camera system, whilst the smaller device will only have a single camera system. 

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