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Details of new Apple iPhone SE and iPad Pro to be revealed in a matter of weeks

Posted on Mar 02, 2016.

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An Apple event is set to take place on March 21st, during the event, it is expected that Apple will announce a new 4-inch iPhone SE as well as a new 9.7 inch iPad.

This may only be a matter of weeks but eager fans keeping up to date with Apple news may be disappointed as this date has been pushed back by a week from the 15th.

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The 4-inch model will be the first small size iPhone since iPhone 5C released in 2013 and is expected to to retain the 5S look. Colours for the device may include hot pinks and the glass on the display may have a curve on the edges similar to iPhone 6 and 6S. Similarities to the latest range of iPhones do not end here as inside the device is expected to be  A9 and M9 processor as well ass a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Until recently the iPad Air 3 was expected to be the latest model of iPad released however this small iPad Pro may instead be the latest addition to the iPad family with Apple making future considerations to discontinue support for the iPad Air and mini-series as they simplify their range. The result of this is as yet unclear.

The smaller iPad Pro (Pro Mini perhaps) will feature many of the features of the full-sized model like support for Apple Keyboard and Apple Pencil but with a smaller more convenient size.

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