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iPhone Touch Disease, what is it and should you be worried?

Posted on Aug 30, 2016.

You may have heard about touch disease, the latest big iPhone flaw capable of turning your device into nothing more than an expensive glass rectangle.

Touch Disease is a flaw that affects some iPhones. Owners of the devices will find that their iPhones suddenly stop working properly as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor ceases to respond and a grey flickering bar appears across the top of the display. This has become a widespread issue seen by most phone repair shops and while Apple is aware of the problem they are yet to provide a fix. Apple does, however, believe the problem that starts with the flickering bar to be caused by a problem by a faulty or loose logic board in the iPhone's hardware.

touch disease

So far the most susceptible device is the iPhone 6 Plus accounting for nearly 90% of all cases of Touch Disease which because of a design choice of using a protective sticker instead of a protective metal shield in the hardware to protect the problematic logic board. It’s a flaw that is considered a signature flaw as every device was manufactured this way so all devices have a possibility of succumbing to this failure.

The real problem with this fault is that that Apple is not acknowledging this to be a problem worthy or repair or replacement which for a phone that is no longer in warranty means iPhone 6 owners could be left out of pocket by replacing the device or having it repaired.

If you do have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus and are lucky enough to not be affected then investing in a good case would limit the internal damage caused by bends and breaks just enough to see you through to your next upgrade.

For those already affected then the advice frequently found on the matter seems to be making noise as an unhappy consumer in the hope  ofpressuring Apple to take action and extend the warranty on the devices to fix this issue. The idea being that they extended the warranty for a problem to cover faulty iPhone 4 and MacBooks and may do the same for this issue too. This pressure, in fact, is already beginning to take shape as a class action lawsuit is being launched in the USA to sue Apple.

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