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In benchmark tests the iPhone 7 32GB has 8x slower storage speed than 256GB models

Posted on Oct 25, 2016.

The various iPhone 7 models have been tested against each other by  for performance. Results from the tests showed that storage speeds showed significant differences.

iphone 7 speed storage diffrence with i phone 7 plus

Read storage speed - 32GB model is 200bps slower

32GB model - 656Mbps

256GB model - 856Mbps

A read speed over 600Mbps, however, is unlikely yo be noticed in day to day use.

Write storage speed - 256GB model is 7 times faster

32GB Model - 341Mbps

256GB model - 42Mbps

A slower write speed for the 32GB model that could be noticeable when saving data - like photos, videos, music and apps.

The result of having these iPhones models vary in performance and speed is not entirely unexpected as the storage chips inside both devices are in fact are designed to perform better with a higher storage capacity. Although it was not expected that the write speed would vary so significantly.

In real use this would mean for a user with a 32GB model, transferring a 4GB iTunes movie to their device would take a minute longer than both the 128GB model and the 256GB model. Generally, the speed losses would be most noticeable when transferring large files from their PC to their handset.

Further testing also has shown further possible discrepancies between the models, this time between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models with iPhone 7 showing a network performance on average 30% poorer than the iPhone 7 Plus, potentially degrading the user's 4G experience.

This could make an impact on user perception as frequently the network provider is blamed solely for any performance issues.

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