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iPhone 7 users may soon be able to add headphone jack on their device with new case

Posted on Sep 30, 2016.

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Unlike the recent dangerous hoax that suggested that device owners could simply drill a hole into their device, this will safely allow iPhone 7 users to continue to use their regular headphones without the inconvenience and chance of loss of an adaptor.

iphone 7 fuze case

Apple hopes to take it’s users into the future of music by scrapping the headphone jack altogether and most likely forcing innovation for improved wireless options. Not all users are wanting to take this step so this case was created with an integrated adapter. The case even has the added benefit of allowing charging and listening to music at the same time as well as charging the device when the battery gets too low.

The design may not be to everyone's taste but does signal one of the first of products designed to give iPhone 7 users freedom to use their device with the accessories they want without bulky, fiddly adaptors.

If you’re interested in this product it ships worldwide from Texas, USA


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