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Is this the new dawn of Artificial Intelligence?

Posted on Jan 18, 2019.

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Mark Hurd, the CEO of Oracle, has stated that AI is taking the IT industry by storm, providing all kinds of businesses with numerous technological advances. It was at the company's most recent event in London, the Oracle Open World, where Hurd discussed his predicitions for the next few years through a video-link on stage.

It was evident in what Hurd was saying that AI was at the top of his list for its ever growing important role in the IT industry, especially when it comes to Cloud services, with him saying "Cloud is not just a technology, cloud is a strategy, cloud is a business model... it is much bigger than just business technology." Hurd further revealed that he is expecting all Cloud apps to be powered by AI by 2025. With the increase in usage of tools such as Chatbots or voice-intuitive interfaces that are powered by AI, it is tools such as these that will allow Cloud apps to really differntiate themselves from legacy applications.

Hurd continued to say in his speech that it is not just the IT industry that AI is going to change, but it will/is already affecting the majority of industries. from food to retail: "All industries are going to find a way to connect to their customers in innovative new ways" where they can create personalised/individual customer experiences without the need for people being present 24/7.

Now this raises alarm bells in everyone's minds, but Hurd assures everyone that AI isn't the end of everyone's jobs. He has predicted that 60 percent of IT jobs are still to be invented before 2025, for example, a large number of jobs will inolve supervising and maintaining AI systems that will spend time dealing with complex or time consuming processes.

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