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UK Businesses at Risk by Leaving Dormant Employee Accounts Open

Posted on Nov 19, 2015.

Businesses in the UK are leaving themselves open to a cyber security attacks by not closing or locking down employee accounts immediately. This crucial step could mean that the account cannot be used to initiate a cyberattack.

It may only be a small majority of former employees or partners that would attempt such and attack but research by YouGov has found that those that would are much more likely to strike within the first few days of their departure.

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Thierry Bettini, director of international strategy at access management firm Ilex International, believes that acting swiftly is key. “Disgruntled employees or partners are unlikely to wait until a month after leaving to access confidential company information. Access is likely to be sought in a matter of days”, he said. “The findings highlight the importance of closing inactive accounts down straight away, rather than waiting around”.

This contradicts the amount of time some business administrators have admitted taking to close down the account in a poll by YouGov. The data shows that 58% of Large business decision makers acted on or before the day of departure but 42% were waiting between a few days to a month before terminating.

The data also shows that Medium sized businesses were slower to react with 56% closing accounts down on or before departure, a figure that dropped to just 32% for small business.

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