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Lower costs for calls, texts and data when using O2 Travel in Europe

Posted on Apr 14, 2016.

Travel around Europe without worrying about the costs of calls, texts and data when using your phone or tablet with O2 Travel. As from April 12th customers pay just £1.66 per day.

o2 travel just £1.66 per day

What's included in the new version of O2 Travel?

  • Customers will pay just £1.66 for each day they make calls, send texts and use data in selected O2 Travel destinations, but fair usage does apply with 120 outbound minutes and 120 outbound texts per day.

  • And what about data? That stays the same with customers getting unlimited data, but reduced speeds after 50MB unless they choose to pay another £1.66 to get another 50MB of data at full speed.

  • And remember, the daily charge applies from midnight to midnight UK time.

What triggers a £1.66 charge for O2 Travel?

  • The £1.66 charge will be triggered automatically when calls are made to other O2 Travel destinations including the UK, or when texts are sent or data is used. Any unused data, calls, and texts won’t be carried over to the following day. O2 Travel won’t be triggered by receiving calls or text messages.

These O2 Travel improvements are for new and existing customers including business customers, that choose to opt in. It is subject to a fair use policy of 120 outbound call minutes per day, the user will receive a text if this is exceeded.

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