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Microsoft is launching Azure Information Protection to help businesses guard their data

Posted on Jun 24, 2016.

As the number of businesses relying on mobile and cloud systems grow there is an increasing need to place a greater emphasis on protecting data while retaining the benefits of using these services.

Microsoft Azure Information Protection

A new service is being launched by Microsoft to help businesses guard their data when this data travels between devices and servers. Azure Information Protection is building on the existing Microsoft Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) as well as the company’s acquisition of information protection business 'Secure Islands' last year.

Businesses using this service will be able to use policies to classify and label data in intuitive ways based on the source, context and content of the data. When classifying information this can be fully automatic, user-driven or based on a recommendation. Data that has been classified and labeled can have protection applied automatically on that basis. The protection information applied to this data then travels with the data - guarding it at all times, regardless of where it is stored, allowing the data to retain its protection whether it is shared internally or externally. What’s more is that document owners can define who can access the document once it reaches them, specify what they can do with it and even revoke access.

Classification of data protection is integrated into common office applications so securing data becomes a simple one click solution.

According to Dan Plastina the Microsoft Rights Management group manager, “This new approach delivers data protection, as well as innovative and intelligent new detection capabilities for security teams, while retaining great productivity experiences for people at work”.

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