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Microsoft Discuss Vision for New HoloLens in Enterprise and Education

Posted on Sep 21, 2015.

HoloLens was first introduced at the E3 expo back in June when Microsoft announced their partnership with Oculus, Valve and others, with an aim to advance the gaming experience. During this expo, they shared a truly jaw dropping demo of the popular Minecraft game reimagined by allowing the user to directly reach into their own 3D world in the centre of their own living room.    More recently at the Dreamforce 2015 conference Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shared how they believe this exciting new technology could similarly evolve enterprise and education experiences.   Image taken from E3 expo HoloLens demo reel   Enterprise   Developers working to create applications for enterprise, Microsoft say, will be the first to gain access to and experiment with HoloLens.   "It’s going to be definitely the single-application use in the enterprise. If you’re an industrial designer and use AutoCAD or Maya on HoloLens, there’s no going back. You literally see the output of what you’re designing right next to you. The same goes for architects. Those (applications) are easy to imagine.  

Now what are all the other use cases? You saw Skype. That’s what we want to look at and see how that changes, how people communicate, and how customer service changes."   Education   Nadella was also keen to share his excitement for HoloLens as a learning tool. Having had access to the technology for several months he anticipates it’s usefulness in the delivery of online courses.   These kinds of course are already beginning to make a enormous impact in the world of web development training programmers with a direct feedback loop as they practice. Hololense by creating a virtual physical environment could extend the range of practical training courses available into areas like Medicine, electronics and much more.   It will be some time before consumers will have access to the HoloLens technology, however it is reported that some time in 2016 it will be available to the development community to experiment with. 

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