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Microsoft Planner, the productivity tool that integrates with Office 365

Posted on Jul 19, 2016.

It’s very popular at the moment to use productivity tools. A study by Salesforce has shown that apps designed to boost productivity have actually increased worker productivity by 34% and that in small, medium, and large business alike have on average 60% of their employees using these kinds of apps.


Problems of productivity apps

Often single stand alone apps are released and developers make all kinds of claims of how they will change how you work, the true power comes when there is some integration between productivity apps and other applications that you are using to get work done. This is especially true as getting started with a productivity app can take a while to get a team to use it habitually and at first users may wonder if it is a productive use of their time to manage their productivity app.

There can also be an issue with business having employees who use their own devices and have apps that cannot communicate with their co-worker's apps. This creates problems with generating reports across a team with data collected by the app as data may not be compatible.  Also, risks can be found with sensitive data leaving businesses secure environment and being placed on the servers of a third party app developer where it is not always known what security procedures are in place.

The Microsoft Planner solution

Microsoft planner could be the productivity app solution that many companies are looking for as this forms part of the Office 365 suite and therefore integrates with the software many businesses are already familiar. This increases the likelihood that employees will want to pick it up as it will not only feel familiar it will also connect with their existing workflow. As well as this login credentials will be shared across the suite.

Microsoft Planner

How can Microsoft Planner increase productivity?

Essentially Microsoft Planner is a task planning tool for enabling teams to collaborate and track their work efficiently while storing any data generated in a secure place that the business has control of. Users of Trello or Asana will instantly be familiar with the card based system where tasks are represented by cards. The application users a visual appealing drag and drop based user interface that existing Office 365 suite users would be familiar with and find easy to use.

The app helps allows teams that are working towards a single goal to analyse their tasks to work out where the project is heading, where issues are appearing, and to see if there are any ways that a goal can be reached quicker. This is something that bridges the gap between Microsoft Outlooks personal and team project management capabilities and adds team collaboration as an additional benefit while giving team managers a clear overview and email notifications when something needs to be brought to their attention. Even more, employees can become more accountable for their own input as there is transparency of a project across the team.

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