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Microsoft release new OneDrive API

Posted on Feb 24, 2015.

Today Microsoft announced on their blog they have released an updated API for integrating with OneDrive for better collaborations.

Microsoft has partnered up with Box and Dropbox it’s to see OneDrive is still being developed. A lot of business make use of OneDrive considering as an Office 365 customer you get unlimited storage it makes perfect sense. The new API works across these platforms:

  • Windows

  • Web Based

  • IOS

  • Android

That means applications can really take advantage of the new OneDrive features:

  • Increased version control and both files and folders, allowing for greater sync changes with less strain on the application

  • Ability to resume partially uploaded files up to 10GB this included rich media like HD Videos

  • Image thumbnails can be generated with more customisation options, This means having more size versions of thumbnails.


Microsoft has confirmed they will continually update the API and are using it internally for their own applications. As soon as they need more features they will be added to the API for the rest of us to use.   We have made use of the existing OneDrive API to build a PHP driven OneDrive file manager, that allows us to integrate this into our customers CRM's, portals systems and even back-office websites.    An incredibly useful feature being able to add a file to OneDrive on your phone and it is available for your website/application in real time.   Contact us today to learn more about our integrations and business-focused tools.

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