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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 turns the trend with early business adoption

Posted on Oct 21, 2015.

Typically businesses are late to adopt any new kind of gadget in an effort to avoid first day glitches with the technology they rely on to make money. This is not the case with the new Surface Pro 4 it seems following Microsoft’s announcement that big names in business have already started to order the devices for their employees.

"The Surface Pro 4 sweet spot is, 'I want a tablet, but need a laptop," says Microsoft Director of Surface Cyril Belikoff.

Surface Pro 4 popular in business


Microsoft are not releasing any specific details about unit sales, but Belikoff has said that the Surface Pro 4 is the fastest adopted Surface device in enterprise and that they are keen to keep the momentum going.

Why is the Surface pro a good choice for enterprise:

Adaptable - The great looking device is light and portable and powerful enough to run every piece of windows software from windows 7 onwards. The Surface Pro 4 offers the power of a decent laptop at desk and the easy of writing on a notepad when in front of customers earning it’s clipboard nickname.

Improved Enterprise Warranty - No longer are repair limited to a set number per device, business can now pool together all of their warranty claims so if one employee tends to drop their laptop but others are more careful then their laptop they can just keep sending it in for repairs and count it against the corporate total.

Trade up -  Microsoft are now allowing business to trade in their older Surface pros towards the cost of a newer model as an ongoing promotion designed to help business upgrade outside of their regular buying cycle.

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