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Microsoft's latest Skype Meetings tool is set to simplify video conferencing

Posted on Jul 06, 2016.

The usual process is streamlined requiring only the person initiating the call to set up the video conference. Users will need to register with Skype initially to use but this will only take a few minutes. After registration they can include anyone in the call by sharing a link and all the other parties will need is a browser to join.

The meetings can be held on any device the user chooses and can be held right away or even scheduled for a later time.

Several of the much-loved features of Skype are included with this tool like the ability to screen share and use a virtual laser pointer or whiteboard. As well as this, users can expect standard HD video and voice capabilities. Other features include built-in instant messages, Power Point upload and automatic tracking and head cropping.

Skype Meetings

The tool is also designed to work especially well for business and is to offer users the ability to expertly manage their meetings with advanced calling options that will let participants transfer presenter control between each other and muting of one or all involved participants. Further business quality features include video encryption and 24/7 support.

The tool will be available for free or as a subscription depending on usage needs. After the initial signup users can invite up to 9 team members per conference for up to 60 days. This reduces to a maximum of 3 participants per conference to continue using this for free.

Aside from the standard HD video and voice capabilities, the app also lets you share your screen and use a virtual laser pointer or whiteboard.

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