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Mirror an Android phone on Windows 10 with latest update

Posted on Oct 03, 2018.

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An exciting feature is coming to Android users. Soon you will be able to mirror your Android phone on your Windows 10 device.

This will mean it will be possible to interact with your phone without ever having to touch the device and picking up from where you left on your mobile right from your desktop. 

The feature is something that Microsoft is referring to as App Mirroring and will show up on your desktop as the new Your Phone app.

Microsoft officially announced the feature at their Surface event as a feature that will be in part available in the October update later this month. And It is planned that the Windows 10 Your Phone app will become more feature rich in a future update.

During this event, a brief demo was shown with users exchanging Snapchat messages from their desktop.

It seems for now that the feature is best suited to Android phones but that appears to be something temporary. Microsoft has already mentioned Apple devices and transferring web pages from iPhone to a Windows 10 phone so iPhone fans may find it is just a matter of time before they too can make full use of these features.

The demise of the Windows phone left Microsoft lacking in a way to integrate with its users' mobile ecosystems and this new update is a significant step for them towards resolving this problem.

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