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Google announces more searches are now made using mobile than desktop

Posted on Nov 04, 2016.

Google have reported this week that for the first time ever more Google searches were made on the mobile that on the desktop. The recordings were taken over the past summer and analysed over 100 billion searches for each month.

The figure, according to Googles search Chief Amit Singal, is particularly significant as this excludes many tablets as the figure only includes devices with screens that are less than 6 inches.

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This shift to mobile is a good sign for Google showing that it is adapting to the new digital landscape on mobile. Google has struggled to monetise mobile search as mobile search has become increasingly vertical with shoppers especially who search for products directly on Amazon. Facebook and Apple are also proving to be strong contenders to Google for users searching on mobile.

Google have talked recently about their approach to mobile search. Singhal has said "when designing search for mobile, the company thinks about how you want different search options depending on your setting and your device. You don’t want to be talking to your phone when you’re sitting in a quiet presentation, but when you’re walking your dog you wouldn’t want to have to type much."

One way that Google have tried to improve their mobile search is through Google Now, its personal assistant on mobile devices. For Google, this is another area where it faces stiff completion against Apple's Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Google also plan to speed up page load times with their newly announced Google Accelerated Pages Program, although this has been compared to Facebooks instant articles, Google says this will not just be limited to news articles.

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