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New focus, expanded team

Posted on May 13, 2014.

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The last few years have been interesting to say the least, we've changed direction as a digital team, moving our focus away from website development to web based applications, mainly Client Relationship Management systems (CRM)

This has lead to huge change in how we work and brought many benefits. The advantages of CRMs is the overview it provides. We have built a CRM for our own use in addition to customers.

One of the best features that has changed our customer support is the introduction of a ticketing system, customers email that raised a new ticket, the customer receive an automated email informing them of their ticket number and related information. We then get notified of a new ticket. Each time the ticket is updated the customer is Informed of all changes.

Customers now get informed quicker, with better responses, in addition if a member of staff can't deal with the ticket the next day another member of staff can resume in providing support.

The Team

With the new focus we have been busier then ever. We've expanded the team with another developer, have regular freelancers as part of the team, Proving to be very successful.

The latest addition, we've taken on an apprentice Sam, to give him chance to learn the profession from the beginnings we will train Sam from the absolute basics to a full developer with a guaranteed full time position at the end of the apprenticeship. 

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