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New malware scam reaches its victims by posing as technical support from their ISP

Posted on Jun 23, 2016.

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A new scam has been targeting internet users across the UK. Victims are targeted when fraudsters contact their victims posing as legitimate internet service providers - then charging for bogus technical support.

The scam is a twist on an old trick where the victim is cold-called and duped to believe they are talking to a Microsoft representative. They will then be charged for fake tech support.

New security threat

The online version of the scam will interrupt the victims as they use the internet with a pop-up message and prompt them to follow onscreen instructions, the victim will see a branded pop-up display that appears to come from their ISP. This will tell them that malware has been detected on their system and that they must call a number to be provided with immediate assistance. 

Fraudsters are able to get hold of the ISP details by releasing ads on big add networks that look genuine but are infected with a single bad pixel. This will silently redirect users and infect them in the background, the user does not even need to click. This malware is invisible to the user so they are unaware that their computer is being checked for their IP address. Once an IP address is obtained it is then easy to find out the victims ISP and serve them up with a tailored pop-up message.

Once the user calls this number their experience will be as though they were calling a real call centre with an elaborate façade of waiting on hold before talking to false technical support advisors. Victims at this point are lulled into a false sense of security and are willing to provide the fraudsters the sensitive information they are looking for.

This new style of scamming is evidence of fraudsters becoming more sophisticated  a must as more people are becoming tech-savvy and aware of their techniques . 

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