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New O2 partner programme will increase business mobile support

Posted on Aug 11, 2021.

The One Point is excited to work with O2 on their new engagement programme. Our founder and CEO Martin Lauer discusses Business Mobiles and the importance of customer service and connectivity.

O2 Business has announced the launch of a new partner programme, All Blue. This programme will offer various benefits to help partners grow their businesses and deliver excellent customer care.

The All Blue Partner Programme will make it easier for partners like The One Point to collaborate with O2 and integrate with their suite of services and help them discover new benefits and tools.

Partners will access O2's core suite of benefits and support services, including SMB strategy and planning, customer value management programmes, online training, market-leading tariffs and propositions, customer value management and data insights.

Three tiers make up this new programme – Engage, Inspire and Excel. Each provides different levels of support and benefits. All of which means The One Point can increase the support and business mobiles services on offer. And all leading to improvements in your business communication that you can pass on to your customers.

Our customers already love our level of customer service, because:

  • We have fantastic business mobile plans and deals
  • Our team offer specialist knowledge of the business world.
  • We are always available to help
  • We deliver technical mobile expertise that is especially relevant for businesses.

So we can't wait to delight our customers more with even more benefits.

Martin Lauer, our CEO and Founder, had this to say about the new development.

"The One Point are really looking forward to working even more closely with O2 as part of the new All Blue partner programme. Our partnership with O2 is incredibly important to us and we are looking to continue our growth alongside utilising all the new tools available to us under the programme."

Did you know that we won the HDM 2021 Customer Focus Award and we also won the 2021 O2 Partner of the year Award.

Call us right away if we are the kind of business mobile provider your organisation is looking to work with. Our expert team will get to work on delivering you an excellent solution.

Reach us on us 01482 420150

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