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New nanogenerator technology could power your phone using just movement

Posted on Dec 13, 2016.

Phones in the near future could be charged without the need to plug them into a charger and could instead be powered up by energy generated with movement.

Tests were carried out by Michigan State University that showed phone charging technologies are now one step closer to being powered purely by movement. The University created  a nanogenerator, a film like a device that managed to power an LCD touchscreen, a flexible keyboard and a bank of 20 LED lights by just pushing on the technology.

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The capabilities of the film-like device can be increased by folding in half exponentially increasing the voltage created.

For example, the bank of 20 LED lights was powered by a palm-sized nanogenerator film while the LCD screen was powered by a fingernail-sized folded piece.

A suggested use was for placement inside the heel of a shoe. This opens up many possibilities for wearable mobile-connected technologies powered by the physical movement as well as devices themselves.

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