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Opt out of cold calls to your mobile by adding your number and email to UK 'Do Not Call' database

Posted on May 31, 2016.

Most mobile phone users in the UK know how it feels to be pestered with marketing calls, cold callers, and recorded messages. From Friday TPS and OfCom are asking mobile phone users who would like to block these to add their number to an existing, UK, do not call database.

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Mobile phone users need to text TPS to and their email address to 78070 to take advantage of this free service allowing consumers to opt out.

This will allow the Information Commissions Office to take enforcement action against old callers that continue to call people registered with the TPS were content to call has not be given.

The service promises a reduction in unsolicited call and TPS hope to raise awareness of the free service as while around 2.9 million numbers are registered on the database this amount to only about 3% of numbers in the UK.

John Mitchison, head of the TPS, said: “Rogue callers operate illegally and against the interests of ordinary people. Texting will make it easier for people to register their mobile numbers on the TPS, which is the only official no-call list, and help us stamp out rogue callers once and for all by giving the Information Commissioner more ammunition to prosecute these cases.”

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