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O2 and Tesco Mobile are again Ofcom's least complained about network providers

Posted on Jul 12, 2016.

Ofcom have revealed the network providers receiving the most and the least pay-monthly mobile complaints between January and March this year.

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Once again Tesco mobile - partnered with O2 - managed to receive the least complaints and O2 themselves were a close second. This is a particularly impressive achievement for O2 given the size of their customer base.

Core commitments to customer service and network coverage have with no doubt served O2 well. This year O2 has been the uSwitch best network coverage winner. This as well as O2’s investment in the upgrading of their 4G reach is also a direct benefit to Tesco Mobile customers too. Both providers have shown a commitment to providing top quality customer service and in this area, O2 have excelled, evident by their 7th in a row number 1 ranking for Customer Service Satisfaction by Ofcom.

The report produced by Ofcom detailing this data has the aim of shedding light on how mobile networks provide service to their users. The report set about ranking all the UK’s networks so that consumers can have a clear way of finding out which network other consumers have the most need to complain about.

Statistically, this meant that for every 100,000 customers of each network, just 1 from Tesco mobile had complained to Ofcom and this figure was 3 in every 100,000 for O2. Meanwhile, the most complained about network Vodafone received 39 in 100,000 and second highest Talk Mobile received 9 in 100,000. The overall industry standard was 10.

Once again it was Vodafone’s ongoing billing problems has resulted in the network topping receiving the most complaints to Ofcom.

There has recently been widespread consumer criticism for Vodafone and Ofcom's findings reflect this. The majority of the complaints received have entered around Vodafone’s migration to a new billing system which resulted in customers being affected by billing, prices and charging. Ofcom received enough calls of this nature to need to launch an investigation into the matter.

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