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O2 win big at Mobile Industry Awards 2020

Posted on Sep 29, 2020.

Huge congratulations to our partner, O2, for winning 3 awards at this year's Mobile Industry Awards!

"O2 has scored a hat trick by taking home 3 awards at the Mobile Industry Awards".

What did O2 Win

These three fantastic awards won by O2 show there has been no better time to be an O2 customer.

O2 Winning awards for best network too

O2 are winning plenty of awards of their own:

Best Business Network:

"Good connectivity is essential for the modern business and digital transformation. Mobile broadband services can drive productivity and increase employee satisfaction by allowing employees to work wherever they want on the device of their choice."

Mobile Industry Awards Director Mark Fermor said, “O2 built on its award-winning service and made it even better, supported by amazing partners and happy customers. It’s no surprise it has won our 2020 award.”

Best Online Retailer:

"To be successful in the modern competitive online market, today’s retailers must not only secure the best deals, they must also market them in innovative ways to grab the attention of consumers."

Mobile Industry Awards Director Mark Fermor said: “For years we have talked about omnichannel strategies and the need for brands to deliver the service, experience and value demanded by consumers. I was really impressed by O2’s ability to double down and invest on its infrastructure and User Interface, both of which resulted in impressive growth and conversions.”

More O2 Awards Won by The One Point and related stories

The One Point stacking up a collection of O2 awards:

People and Culture Award:

"Across the mobile industry, the creation of a company culture is essential, but it is far from easy. A culture is more than just a vision, it’s something the collective can unite behind and give purpose to their employment."

Speaking about O2’s win, Mobile Industry Awards director Mark Fermor said: “Behind every good company is a good team and it is clear just how important people and culture are to success. We are delighted to see O2 collect this award.”

Again, congratulations to O2 from the entire TOP team!

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