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Office 2016 has arrived, we take a look at what's new

Posted on Sep 22, 2015.

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Office 2016 has arrived today, this is nearly three years since the release of the last major version of the popular Microsoft productivity apps.

You may be wondering what's new in today’s feature-packed update so here is a brief look at what has changed.

The central idea around the new Microsoft software is that it is available in the cloud, getting new features all the time and is constantly updated. This is a process they have been refining over several versions and office 2016 brings this in a way that is more seamless than ever before. Files no longer need to be manually moved from device to device and users can switch from desktop to mobile to desktop without disruption.

Collaboration It’s all about collaboration for office 2016

Office 2016 officer real-time co-authoring, catching up with the web version of office and you will now find a share button in the corner of the application allowing you to share documents by entering an email address.

Planner and Delve

These are new apps entirely and reflect the Microsoft drive to take on apps used for business, not just Google Drive but an app like Trello or Asana. Office 365 planner is a browser-based tool for the management of tasks and milestones giving an overview of everything you are working on.

An major advantage that Office 365 planner offered here can be seen in the collaboration features offering not just an individual overview but an overview of all team members so it can be seen at a glance where team bottlenecks are occurring.

The new Delve is a Pinterest-style brainstorming tool, working with the edge browser it will also display articles and images that it considers to be interesting to you.


Search features have had an overhaul with abilities, the various office apps now feature built-in feature Smart Look Up allowing you to perform searches from inside word for quick references. Search features are also designed to work more closely with Cortana by reading  a list of meeting back to you if you ask for the schedule of the day as an example of this. A new feature called tell me allows you to  tell the app what you want to do


The collaboration idea can be seen possibly most of all in Outlook with a feature built in so you can view your inbox, calendar, notebook and  one drive right from the app. 

Clutter is a new feature of outlook that is capable of learning your email habits over time, it observes what you read and ignore and eventually learns how to prioritise what is showing your inbox.


A few minor updates can be seen in Excel, there are a few visual updates to the ribbon. There are 6 new chart types to try, but a standout feature would be The new Tell Me search feature that can match data to a chart style on request.

The software is available now to Office 365 users and we think that it will be of particular interest to business users wanting to take advantage of the new collaboration tools and improve their workflow.

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