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One in six businesses unprepared for a data breach in 2018

Posted on Oct 24, 2018.

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A new report by the BSI's Cybersecurity and Information Resilience Division shows that 1 in 6 businesses are unprepared for a cyber disaster such as a breach of data security.

The report shows that despite 73% of businesses having some concern over their security, however despite this there are still businesses with no plan for what to do if disaster strikes.

Above all the key concern according to this report was Data Loss with 68% of respondents mentioning this as a concern. Other concerns among business owners include cloud security, use of unauthorised applications and devices and unauthorised data residency.

Stephen O’Boyle, Global Head of Cybersecurity and Information Resilience Services at BS commented, “Training and education is essential when it comes to achieving information resilience and it’s reassuring to see that organisations are actively implementing awareness programmes in the workplace. However, being proactive about cybersecurity is a company’s best defense and it is unfortunate to see that one in six organizations are unprepared for a breach and that over a third of companies aren’t partaking in cyber security testing within their organization.”

At The One Point, we are able to audit your current security processes and help you create a plan for disaster. 

We recently achieved our Cyber Essential Certificate and have helped many other businesses achieve the same.


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