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Our Senior Software Architect is armed with the latest Cyber Security practices after attending PHP UK 17

Posted on Feb 21, 2017.

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David Carr php uk 17

David Carr our Senior Software Architect and ERP Specialist has, for the third year running, attended PHP UK, a conference for web developers using the PHP programming language; the language we use to develop our own CRM product, The One CRM.

This was a chance to network with other developers, attend talks about key advancements to the language and the wider development industry and also to learn more about how we can get the most out of the tools we use to build CRM web applications.

In previous years the key issues discussed at the event have included test driven development (TDD) and behaviour driven development (BDD). Discussion centred around ensuring quality and testing of code as well as acting as an advocate for the users. This informed our development team as we adopted such practices into out workflow at The One Point.

This year's talks were similar in value and included talks centred around security. 

With the ever increasing threat of cyber security, David knew that the security workshop that was offered as an add-on to this year's conference would be highly valuable to attend. This workshop gave our senior developer an opportunity to be part of an intensive discussion on securing PHP systems along with around 40 other developers.

Reassuringly, many of the practices discussed were already in place in our CRM, ERP & CMS systems. Still, there were some very valuable takeaways that we have either already implemented or are scheduling to add very soon.

The idea is that from a security standpoint the data accessible through our CRM systems is as safe as it can be and compliant with modern standards of PHP Web security.

The leader of the Workshop Eli White had been a founding developer of Digg and had previously worked for NASA and NSA. Throughout this talk, it was clear he knew his topic well, many insights offered during this talk based on his varied experience.

David says “Each year I attend this conference, I consider it to be the best PHP conference taking place in the UK and each year I have taken away knowledge that has made an impact on how my team works in a big way. testing’s just a great experience to learn from other developers and get the most from the development community.”

Benefits are not just felt by our development team either, David added. “The results of visiting this conference impact on the systems that we design for customers meaning they are more modular, significantly more secure and of higher quality with less likelihood of bugs.” 


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