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Major UK phone suppliers asked about recall processes as Galaxy Note exchange program launches in the UK

Posted on Sep 20, 2016.

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The exchange programs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has now launched in the UK.  The recall follows after a small number of the devices had their batteries explode. The problem was reported from various sources from around the world.

The message Samsung are giving to affected owners is that they should contact their suppliers, something many suppliers are reporting that their customers are already doing. Samsung has said that Galaxy Note 7 devices with a green battery icon rather than white were safe to use, Samsung said. Samsung otherwise are urging people to exchange their devices as quickly as possible. In the meantime, it is possible to update the devices that are affected with software preventing the battery from reaching more than 60% charge.

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The BBC have released information after contacting major suppliers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to help consumers process to obtaining an exchange.

The following responses were offered by these suppliers:

  • O2 said it had "started to receive stock" and was arranging doorstep exchanges with new devices

  • Carphone Warehouse has an automated message on its helpline telling Galaxy Note 7 owners to hang up as they will be contacted in due course

  • EE said it was working closely with Samsung but had no official update or statement

  • Vodafone said it was offering exchanges "on a first come, first served" basis but customers had to call to arrange the swap. It also said owners could choose to swap their handset for an alternative brand instead

  • Three has yet to respond to the BBC's request for comment

The recall is said to be complicated and is expected to take some time. Samsung are aware that a lot of groups of people are affected  making it important that they get it right and are seen to handle the recall well in hope that the situation can move forward and quickly become a distant memory although there is still some surprise by the amount of people who wish to hand on to their dangerous affected Galaxy Note 7 as they like it so much.

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