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Porting approval of 01482 KC numbers opens gateway to Hull telecom's market

Posted on Jun 27, 2011.

The One Point have managed to gain an approved porting process with KC (Kingston Communications) that will open up the Hull market to more competitors and voice technologies. Currently it is difficult to move a KC originated 01482 telephone away from KC into another carrier within  Hull or onto an alternatiove platform such VoIP.  this leads to expensive call forwarding requirements or a change of number in order to move supplier or backbone technologies.

In a fast moving marketplace telecom’s technologies are changing and what are considered to be new ideas, such as VoIP or Cloud services, are now common place and used by all sectors, SME Britain, the Public Sector and Private in order to drive down costs and work more ‘nomadically’.  However, until now, this independant working has been harder to acheive due to the porting issues.

To me a telephone number is an identity – nothing more.  I believe that telecoms, mobile or fixed, real or virtual, are a series of ‘endpoints’ or ‘final desitnations’ where a business can receive a voice call.  The number is the identity starting a process and as it is inextricably linked to a person or organiasation should be tranferable with little fuss.

The One Point work very hard to protect our customer rights and often get involved with the mobile networks as they have not observed the OFCOM regulated porting turnaround guidelines and laws.

The fact that a KC number, or any number for that matter, can be ported in great news as people are now free to choose how they channel their voice calls, via which route and via whom they wish.

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