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Posted on May 13, 2014.

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I've recently been preparing to give a presentation to the company at our annual meeting, anyone that know's me knows I'm not comfortable with public speaking. I try to avoid this where possible but at the lead developer I can't dodge this one!

When at university I always had to present first, my initials meant no matter which way the names were read out I was at the top of the list! One benefit of that was it was soon over I could then enjoy watching the others present.

In todays presentation I won't be going first but I'm looking forward to this one, I'm giving a talk on the growth of mobiles and tablets and also soft launching the new company website to the rest of the company.

I'm looking forward to this one as most of my colleagues haven't seen the website in its newest form, I'm hoping it will be received well, the new look has been built to work on mobiles and tablets with a much cleaner look and a focus on the products and services we offer. A large part of the project was the inclusion of an integrated shop built in-house.

This shop includes full customer sections along with the ability to see past orders, raise new orders and payment gateway integration. We've also added a live chat feature to the website that comes with an IOS and Android app enable our staff to respond to chat request at our desks and on our mobiles.

I've been getting very nervous about doing this talk, after running through the presentation a few times I know roughly what I'm going to say and feel a bit more at ease with it.

Wish me luck! 

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