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Five ways to help protect data stored on your mobile device

Posted on Oct 19, 2015.

The popularity of mobile has been massive, inevitably this has seen a rise in threats designed specifically to target mobile devices and operating systems. Data storage has also increased and business data or even sentimental media may be worth more than the device itself.


protect your mobile data

So how can you protect your valuable data? Here are 5 ways:

Lock your device -  The easiest way to protect your data is with a pin code or fingerprint scan, this good habit will help make sure if someone does get hold of your device they can only reset your phone but not access your data

Watch what you download - be sure you are downloading from a secure source, It can feel relatively safe to download an app for your mobile that software for your PC but it is possible that maliciouse code is being installed alongside this. An Android checkup device is a good investment for Android users as this app will scan new apps for malware and viruses. 

Update regularly - The OS running on your device is likely keeping up to date with security threats and updates that help your device protect itself are release periodically so as irritating as it may be it’s worth paying yes to that update. Most

Be careful when connecting to wireless networks -  Not all Free wireless networks are a good find, it maybe tempting to to connect, especially if your running low on your monthly data plan but do be sure your connecting to a trusted source or you may be falling into a trap.

Be prepared with remote wipes - A remote wipe will allow you to erase data and browsing history from your device from another computer, a good idea if you have particular sensitive data stored on your business mobile. A complete clean is possible or just a set up to delete certain files.

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