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Be aware, new security threat set to target Black Friday shoppers

Posted on Nov 13, 2015.

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As Black Friday approaches retailers are preparing for the huge influx of business the sales will generate. Unfortunately malicious hackers are also looking forward to the event as the increased activity can help spread their malware.

The cyber security firm Namboo has identified a new security threat that could be an important find for the businesses and banks who have an ever growing interest in cyber security. The new threat is Malware in the form of Client Side Injected Malware (CSIM).

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This threat will often appear as a fake advert on website intended to lure shoppers away and redirect them to other website or even steal financial information. If a user clicks on one of these adverts the malware will then download directly and invisibly onto a computer or even a mobile device. It is this behaviour that sets this particular CSIM attack apart from other CSIM threats.

Research by Namboo has found that 1 in 3 online banking users could be infected and but new cyber threat protection technology could suppress CSMI attacks in real time.

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