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Senior ERP Developer David Carr presents at Code Pen Hull

Posted on Jun 07, 2017.

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Our Senior Developer David Carr presented Nova Framework at the most recent Code Pen Hull meet-up. 

Code Pen Hull is a bi-monthly meeting for developers local to the Hull area. The meetings are organised by and held at the C4DI @TheDock their new building on Queens Street.  

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The meetings cover a range of topics so far including web development, coding, games design, working process, machine learning, IoT and robotics. The meetings are an opportunity for developers to network and share ideas.

David’s presentation was an introduction to the Nova Framework.  An open source PHP Framework that he founded and has developed over the past 4 years. He spoke to the audience about how they can utilise this Framework to make web applications and gave an installation demo of Nova.

Learn more about Nova Framework

Future Code Pen Hull events are advertised on the C4DI website

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