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How IT can now be simplified using Windows 10

Posted on May 29, 2018.

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Windows 10 can help to modernize your desktop and by doing that will make your desktop more secure, simpler, lower the total cost of ownership and provide an all-round better experience.

The way in which Windows 10 simplifies your IT through offering simplified updates and flexible management.

Windows 10 simplified updates

Simplifying updates includes streamlining deployment and updates with modern tools in addition to using application compatibility IT can trust.


Streamlining deployment and updates with modern tools includes:

  • windows as a service, this ensures safety for users and devices.

  • In-place upgrades, which involves automatically preserving apps, settings and data.

  • Windows update for business, which updates devices directly from cloud to minimize IT effort

  • Express updates, this involves streamlining downloads and reducing the load on your network

  • Delivery optimization, which enables peer-to-peer transfer of updates


Application compatibility IT can trust includes:

  • Windows analytics, this includes Project guidance and recommendations for device and feature updates. Ensuring windows 10 updates are properly updated and secure and identifying and addressing issues affecting end users

  • Windows insider programs for business, which is used to Explore new features, validate apps and prep organisations for next update

  • Ready for WindowsWindows 10 flexible management

Windows 10 provides the flexibility to leverage the cloud at your own pace, this is achieved through providing flexible management. Flexible management includes delivering enterprise-ready devices easily, in addition to simplifying device management


Delivering enterprise-ready devices easily means that businesses can lower help desk costs with self-service experiences. This includes:

  • Windows Autopilot, which gets devices up and running fast, without reimaging- powered by the cloud. It automatically configures settings, security and install apps

  • Windows subscription activation, which allows you to easily step up from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise, without rebooting

  • Simplifying device management is a device and app management service which operates through the cloud, this includes:

  • Mobile device management, which utilizes group policy and MDM side by side- easier to transition from premises to cloud management

  • Mobile application management, which involves managing corporate assets without impacting personal data

  • Windows shared devices, which quickly sets up and maintains custom device scenarios

  • Microsoft store for businesses


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