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Strong start for Windows 10 in business with users adopting 4x faster than predecessor

Posted on Apr 04, 2016.


Windows 10 is now the fastest growing version of Windows for businesses and consumers with over 270 million users upgrading or purchasing the software since it’s release less than a year ago. The news was announced by Microsoft at last week's Build Conference.

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With some much-needed improvements to the UI and the correction of some stability issues the update has gone a long way to boosting the universal opinion of the OS. On top of this there is now enough genuine progress in the OS for business users to seriously consider a Windows 10 migration. Improvements like smoother upgrades and runtime configuration tools went a long way to promoting enterprise appeal to IT managers.

The adoption of this update has been off to a strong start since it’s first 24 hours and since sales have outpaced it’s predecessor Windows 8 by 400%. This adoption rate has included business that largely ignored the previous version

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