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Support continues for Run With It charity

Posted on Feb 20, 2019.

The One Point Foundation continued to support Hull-based education charity, Run With It, with a donation to fund enrichment days for schools surrounding the Hull area. Alongside this, The One Point further donated 2 laptops.

Run With It is a charity with an excellent mission and The One Point are proud to have supported the charities growth since 2016.

Run with it enrichment day supported by The One Point

The One Point supporting Run With It Enrichment days

Above: Some of the most recent Run With It enrichment days with support from The One Point

The donation to Run With It was in the interest of supporting literacy and numeracy programmes for Dunswell Academy, Swanland Primary School, Grimoldby Primary School, and St Anne’s School and Sixth Form College.

Run With It deliver innovative and challenging learning programmes for children, young people and adult learners, with the main focus being on raising the levels of both literacy and numeracy using the KC Stadium as the classroom. They are a charity dedicated to enriching minds and encouraging learning with a difference. All in an environment that allows children to make great progress in literacy and numeracy while barely noticing they are building solid skills.

Find out more about this worthy cause and learn more about some of the creative activities Run With It use to engage young minds.

Enrichment Run WIth It days supported by The One Point

The One Point supporting Run With It Enrichment days

Above: Previouse Run With It enrichment days with support from The One Point

We have been seeing great results from the programmes being held as a result of our donation and we look forward to seeing more from Run With It charity.

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