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Surface as a Service program launched by Microsoft

Posted on Jul 22, 2016.

Microsoft is to expand the Surface line for enterprise by launching 'Surface as a Service' initiative. This will mean that businesses will be able to lease a combined bundle of the Surface device as well as Windows 10 & Office 365. As a result, customers will receive faster software updates and refresh cycles for hardware.

surface s a service

Microsoft hopes that this plan to encourage enterprise level sales will help continue the momentum of growth that has been seen with the Surface line recently. This will also provide a way in for business who have shown an interest in the Microsoft Surface line and would like to try without the risk of fully investing into its ecosystem.

This 'Surface as a Service’ has been designed specifically for businesses. Little is known about how the actual subscription service will work but it is known that on launch it will first be made available to cloud solution providers and Surface authorised distributors.

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