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Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro, news from Adobe Max conference could sway your decision.

Posted on Oct 07, 2015.

Are you considering a new surface Pro 4 or the iPad pro but are struggling to decide, news from the recent Adobe Max conference might sway your decision following their release of the new  and free photoshop fix app.


iPad Pro or Surface Pro 4

This new App brings some of the key image manipulation tools from missing from some of the Adobe iOS apps released over the past year. In addition existing apps are receiving updates or have been streamline into one.

There have been several high quality design apps released by Adobe for iOS like Photoshop Fix and Sketch. These are a set of powerful apps that bring enormous power to creatives looking to illustrate and capture inspiration while out and about. Mock up designs can be created by designers & marketers while out and about in a limited but streamlined environment and be available when they do get to their desktop version. Perhaps a main gripe has been the lack of functionality for image manipulation available with these and this is where photoshop fix can help.

What iOS can’t do is bring the full Adobe Suite of creative apps including illustrator, inDesign and Premier Pro and if you prefer to work right in the full app then the Surface pro is the better option.

I really comes down to how you prefer to work.

Other differences worth consideration

Price - For a comparable spec there is little price difference between the Surface Pro and the iPad Pro although the Surface Pro does increase in price as specs increase.

Specs - Overall the  Surface Pro is more powerful than the iPad Pro at the top end of the range, but improvements to the iPad pro show that it is defiantly no slouch.

Accessories - Both devices have will have smart phone covers and styluses although these are yet to be reviewed by consumers.

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